Joseph Lyon, Certified Pilates InstructorGrowing up in Colorado, I was always an active outdoorsperson and throughout my life, exercise and nutrition have been important to me. Even as a teenager, I had a passion for fitness and nutrition, and have always encouraged others to reach their fitness goals. Helping an overweight friend to start eating healthier and begin working out, or being there for someone to talk to about body issues – I had a knack for guiding others on their journey to get fit.

10 years ago, one of my friends told me about a form of exercise called Pilates. They told me that Pilates would give me some of the same results as weightlifting, plus the added benefits of more lean muscle and increased flexibility. I thought it sounded great and began practicing Pilates at a local studio. After several months, my body started to change and became much more lean and defined. I was hooked!

When I moved to California in 2008, I found a wonderful Pilates instructor whom I started training with. When I saw the changes he was making in people’s lives, I knew that I wanted to do the same. That’s when I decided to get certified as a Pilates instructor.

I received my Mat, Standing and Apparatus certifications through Mind-Body-Connection in Emeryville, CA, and during my certification process was able to work with some of the very best Pilates professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now after nearly 8 years living in California I’m thrilled to be returning home to Colorado where my love of Pilates began! I’m looking forward to bringing my Pilates methods to Colorado, specifically in the Denver Metro area, and changing people’s lives!

Since being certified, I continue to further my education by attending “Pilates on Tour” conferences throughout the U.S. “Pilates on Tour” is an international program specifically designed for Pilates instructors, and offers a variety of workshops with some of the best instructors from around the world. I have been fortunate to train with and observe some of the most diverse groups of Pilates instructors, learning unique insights and different exercises from each of them.

Joseph Lyon, Certified Pilates InstructorMy clients range in age from teenagers to seniors in their 80’s, and include exercise-enthusiasts who want a boot camp style workout, as well as clients needing physical therapy sessions due to an injury and are suffering from chronic pain. I have a very wide variety of clients that I coach; helping to change their bodies and make them more functional for everyday life.

My philosophy is: “Proper nutrition and Pilates can change your body from the inside out.”

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