Special Apparatus & Props

MOTR – More Than a Roller

image1Now certified on the MOTR! The latest piece of equipment in Pilates and the fitness industry. It combines the shape of a foam roller with resistance cables to challenge balance, create better body alignment, core strength, upper and lower body strength, flexibility, as well as cardio training.

Working with the MOTR is great for beginners or the most advanced athlete.

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smartbells2Now incorporating the latest prop in the fitness industry, SmartBells®!

SmartBells® are sculptural weights that are designed to be ergonomic and aesthetic. They conform to the shape of your body, making it easier to use than traditional weights for toning your abdominals and sculpting your whole body.

Arc Barrel

The curved shape of the Arc Barrel make it the perfect piece of equipment to work core, upper and lower body Strength and flexibility. Also great for pregnant woman, keeping upright support against the lower back. While strengthening the whole body!

arc barrel