What People are Saying…

“When I first came to Joseph for Pilates, I was a woman who lived with chronic pain. My pain was impacting my personal life and my career. I was mentally and physically weak and started believing that my body had failed me. I committed to working with Joseph in hopes that if nothing else, he could help reduce my pain by restoring some flexibility in my body. Joseph worked slowly with me to make sure that my body could handle the new level of activity. We worked a lot on flexibility, but he also incorporated exercises that would build strength in my core. He made a point to celebrate my achievements so that I could be encouraged by the progress I was making. I’ve been working with Joseph for over two years and I can honestly say that he has changed my life. He has transformed me into a strong, lean, flexible, capable woman who now believes that she can do anything. Joseph has inspired in me a passion for Pilates. I am now working towards a Mat Pilates certification so that I can help others recognize the benefits of Pilates in their own lives.”
— Sandy, Dublin


“Joseph is an amazing Pilates instructor. I am your typical person who hates to exercise, hates going to classes or to the gym, as I know I’ll never stick with it. A close friend of mine recommended I do Pilates classes with Joseph and do them as private, just he and I. It has been fabulous… Pilates is so much more than just mat work, there is the Reformer, the Core-Align, the Cadillac, and the Chair to name a few of the machines that I’ve used. I feel I’m strengthening so much more than my core and my balance; I’m getting toned and muscles that I’ve never had before.Joseph constantly challenges me, as I master an exercise he takes it up a notch, so I’m constantly striving to do better and get stronger. My clothes fit better, my body looks better and most of all I feel so much better. And because I know Joseph is waiting for me, whether at the beginning of a busy day or at the end of an exhausting one, I always come to class and am never disappointed after it’s over. I urge you to try Pilates … Joseph does one on one lessons, duets or trios as well as classes… You’ll be hooked in no time. Believe me I was.”
— Laura, San Ramon

“I have worked alongside Joseph for many years and have always found him to be a consummate professional. His methods and understanding are top-notch and he is very diligent about following proper forms and safety protocols. Joseph approaches fitness with a balanced understanding of health from the inside out, and his calm, encouraging demeanor is a welcome contrast to the over-the-top intensity of many gym trainers. He always brings out the best in his clients and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in changing their bodies and lives, once and for all.”
— Adam, Vacaville, Owner, Practical Pilates


“I started taking Pilates with Joseph almost two years ago after a very involved hip surgery. I could not participate in most sports activities without setting myself up for a full hip replacement. Joseph was great about increasing my mat and chair work as well as adjusting my workouts on the reformer.I discovered that I love the mat work with Joseph as he really pushes me to do my best but is always cognizant of my limitations. I take classes with Joseph four days a week and am proud to say I have lost 35 pounds and gone from a size 10 to a size 6.

The best part about my classes with Joseph is the fact that he comes right to my home. There are no excuses as he will be there and he makes sure I get the best workout I can. I love my time with Joseph and the changes that Pilates has made in my body and my life.”
— Terry, Pleasanton


“It is difficult for me to express into words how much Pilates with Joseph has meant to me these past three years. As I got older, I found it difficult to find an exercise program that would not only keep me toned and fit, but also one that would not break down my aging body. I also found that my flexibility was definitely decreasing as the years went by.

Pilates has been incredible for me because it not only toned me up, but also helped me get back the flexibility that I thought was long gone. I have to admit, I was reluctant at first to even give Pilates a try (thinking that I would not receive the type of results that I had with weights and strenuous exercise), but Joseph has successfully incorporated years of experience in the gym with his knowledge of Pilates, for a one-of-a-kind workout.”
— Tracy, Pleasanton